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Andrea’s Bio

Andrea Densley, designer, is a short person from a tall family. Although she is 5’4”, she has sisters and nieces who hover around the 6-foot mark. She understands the challenges presented by mainstream fashion no matter what your height. Andrea was born in Seattle, WA and at a very young age began drawing and sewing. While still in high school, she won a design award in a national contest sponsored by Levis. In college, she earned a designer’s Assistantship position and was chosen “Costume Designer of the Year” by the Theater Department of Brigham Young University.

“I’m a person with non-stop creative ideas who is easily side-tracked by my own amazing brainstorms. It is great experience to work with Tallidarity and stay on task and nurture projects through to their happy conclusion, “ Andrea says. “It is fun collaborating with my very tall niece, Elisha, who is the daughter of my also very tall sister. We have already worked with many talented people who made our first fashion shoot a super success.”

Andrea lives near Olympia, WA and designs dresses, plans patterns and sews the first round of dress samples for Tallidarity. Those prototypes are plotted by a professional patternmaker, and then sent to a manufacturer, all the production steps are kept in the United States.

Along with fashion design, Andrea is a performing jazz singer, an elementary Fine Arts teacher, and a newbie grandmother of almost 11 grandbabies. She and her husband Jim are active in their Church community and assist with the event “The Festival of the Nativity” every December.

An inspirational speaker, Andrea is a collector of quotes and anecdotes. She has struggled in her life with health concerns including cancer, depression and anxiety. She shares a thought that she heard from, then 17-year old Rebecca Murdock, who referenced the quote “When God closes a door, He opens a window.” Rebecca said, “Sometimes we are so busy staring at the door that just got slammed in our face; we don’t even bother looking for a window.” Andrea enjoys looking for the open windows in life.

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