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Where it all Started

It all started about a year and a half ago when I was trying to find a dress for my sister’s wedding.  I wanted a dress!  Not a skirt and a top, I didn’t want to wear a skirt extender slip and a shirt on the top half of me as well to make the top long enough either.  I could find nothing.  I probably didn’t search very hard, to be honest, because I had been there…done that.  Frankly, I don’t really like shopping.  It is hard to find cute clothes that are my size and fit right.  So I ended up wearing a hand-me-down skirt and plain black t-shirt to the wedding.  My aunt Andrea was at the wedding and I told her of my woes.  Then I asked if she wanted to start a company with me that designed dresses specifically for tall women in mind.  My Aunt Andrea has a wonderful talent of sewing and designing, and she received her college degree in Fashion Design.  Right away she drew up some sketches and we were going to do it!  Andrea knew exactly just what to do.  The dresses we design are with the tall girl or lady in mind.  Anyone 5’9” and above.  I am 5’11 ½” tall and the things that I wanted to be mindful of was the length and where the waist hits.  I have tried on dresses before and looked like a ridiculous little school girl with the waist coming inches above where it should and fanning out in the middle of my ribs and the dress hitting at the middle of my thigh.  I felt like the Beast when he looks in the mirror and Lumiere says, “You look so, so…”  and then the Beast says, “Stupid”.  I am really exciting for this venture.  I hope to be able to provide tall women with fashionable clothing that will fit well and last for years to come. 

One consideration when making the dresses is the shoulder length.  Many tall women also have broad shoulders that make it hard to fit in clothes and especially ones made from nicer fabric that is not very stretchy.  Our first two dresses are made with the Raglan sleeve design that makes it easy for women with broad shoulders to fit in comfortably and provides comfortable range of movement.  The fabric is a material called Scuba Knit.  It is light and stretch without being see through all at the same time.  This fabric makes it easy to wear in the winter and summer.  Our dress designs are made to be classic and unique so that you can be sure to wear them for years to come.  I can’t wait to see what you think and see pictures of tall women all over in our dresses.

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