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Pretty Tall Style


As I have been working on connecting with the tall ladies community I have loved getting to know and see all the tall bloggers out there. Confession…I’ve never been much of a blogger reader before this and I don’t know why! There is just so much fun stuff out there and so many people sharing such great information. I want to highlight one blogger a month because…sharing is caring! In college when I was dating I used to say, “there is someone out there for everyone”. It soothed my soul on those lonely Friday nights. Haha! I just knew someday my someone would come and one day he did! And I digress….what I’m going for here is that there is a blogger out there for you and me and knowing where to find them is half the battle.
Pretty Tall Style

Today I want to introduce you to Tanasha of Pretty Tall Style. She is one of the first women tall bloggers I found, and I have loved following her. You just feel so warm inside and happy when you see that bright smile of hers. I found her on Instagram, but you can see her in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube as well. If you haven’t gone to her website, though, I highly suggest it. She puts together the cutest outfits for all kinds of occasions. She always helps you to find out where to go for everything she has on and if she doesn’t have the exact link anymore she will help you to find something similar. I LOVE it when she highlights certain colors. It’s just so fun and I imagine her closet looking like a rainbow of joy.

Here is some more information you can find at Pretty Tall Style:
• Sewing– If you like to sew then you will find some great resources at Pretty Tall Style. Tanasha has whipped up some great outfits and, as always, gives you the info on where to get the pattern to make one for yourself.
• Tall Girls Resource—Tanasha has put together a long list of resources for you to find all your tall girl needs
• Hugs—every post ends with a Hug from Tanasha 😊
Thanks for doing what you do Tanasha! Go check her out. I think you will be glad you did!

Hugs (there’s one from me, too!),


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