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Tall Tales


Well hello.  Welcome to this site.  We are so excited to get started on this little project of ours and hopefully spread some relief and joy to tall women everywhere.  But to start, I must reverse just a bit.  Cue sound of rewinding tapes…(blweedeeweep!)  See this picture, that’s me in the back row in kindergarten with the side pony tail.  Cute huh.

I could show you examples of this time and time again.  Okay, so I’m not as tall as they come and in all honesty, I’m really not even 6 feet.  My actual measurement is 5’11 ½”.  In high school there were two girls taller than myself (shout out to Kristen and Ricky!!), of which I was kind of grateful.  We went to school in a rural community with about 800 people in the high school total, which meant that tall boys were FEW!  I remember going to college and walking around with my eyes bulging out of my sockets to see so many tall men around!  It was so amazing!  I probably ruined any chance of dating I had then simply by the drool hanging out of my mouth while I gawked.

Haha.  Just kidding.


I don’t THINK I did that, but I’m sure I felt like that.  I actually have never loathed being tall, rather, I’ve kind of owned it as a unique aspect about me that people that was cool, I think.  Everyone thinks tall people play sports, and I did.  But the truth is that I didn’t ever consider myself to be a natural athlete.  I was just tall, so the coaches would say to me, “stand here, and put your arms up”.  And that is what I did.  Occasionally I would jump if I felt it was necessary.  I played volleyball, and in fact, I never wore knee pads because I knew I wasn’t diving to the ground to get a ball.  I always figured someone else would get it as it was a much longer distance for me to go.   I would work harder if I could go back with the knowledge I have now, but we live and learn.  And speaking of going back….let me introduce you to my high school wardrobe.  Here is a bad picture that I found in my yearbook-



Eek!  Kind of embarrassed here.


So I was looking at these pictures and trying to decide if the reason for my outfit was the style, my lack of style, or my serious lack of options as a tall teen-ager.

Number one, the shoes.

I can blame that on my lack of style, well my lack of insisting upon a style, and the fact that my dad bought me some school shoes.  Typical dad.  A very functional hiking boot to wear in high school.  Thank you.

Number two, the pants.

I vividly remember shopping for pants in the men’s section.  I don’t really know why.  Well, actually, I do.  It was because they were long enough.  Were there long enough pants for me in a women’s size?  I don’t know.  I also wore men’s shirts, I think.  WHY WHY WHY Parents!!  Seriously, my mom was a beauty queen, a model, and 5’10”.  Didn’t she care about me????


So long story short is that I dislike shopping.  It’s not that I dislike style, but NOTHING FITS!  Typically, clothes are “regular” size which means for me that pants are too short, shirts are too short, and the waist on a dress comes about to my 10th rib.  I remember in high school wearing a pair of shorts that were not short, but they were not 4 inches above the knee, which was the dress code.

I remember having to kneel down and the vice principal getting out a ruler to measure my shorts, which were obviously “too short”.  I remember being SOOO MAD about that.  I argued with him that if some other random girl put on my very same shorts they would most definitely be long enough and that it was such discrimination towards tall people.  I could tell these stories time and time again, which I’m sure we all could.

I decided on day to make a dress for me that fits me and it is glorious (except for the fact that I made up the sleeves and I really can’t raise my arms up too high in them).  The waist is lower and actually fits at my waist.  The dress is longer and, other than the sleeves, it just feels better.  Andrea and I want to do more of that and to bring dresses tall people can wear and fit well in.  I promise the sleeves will work too.  So there it is…more to come.  We hope to build a community of tall clothing wearers and get your ideas on what kind of styles you would like to see fitted more to you.  Stay in touch and we can GROW together.


Haha, see what I did there, GROW…

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